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Toothache can be one of the most painful experiences we go through. It will often be caused by decay resulting from poor oral hygiene and/or diet.

Self-help Advice

  • Pain killers – paracetamol/ibuprofen. Please ensure you read the label, are not allergic to the medication and do not exceed the maximum dosage
  • If the pain is caused by hot things only – applying cold to the area can often have a soothing effect

Professional Treatment Available (following detailed history and examination)

  • Filling – This can be in the form of a dressing or a permanent filling whereby the decay is removed and the resulting hole is filled.
  • Denerving the tooth – this involves local anaesthetic and drilling into the offending tooth before dressing it with antibacterial dressing. Will then need root canal treatment
  • Extraction – this involves local anaesthetic followed by extraction (removal) of the offending tooth


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